EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation

An EGR valve helps to reduce the NOx emissions from an internal combustion engine by recirculating part of the exhaust gas back into the combustion chamber. The recirculated exhaust gases act as a barrier, an inert material that can absorb the heat of combustion to reduce the peak in-cylinder temperatures.

Engine Refit

Let’s jump right into this topic and clarify some confusion – an engine refit is not a simple task nor should it be performed by untrained technicians. And you must definitely not rely on your neighbor’s advice when they say you need or don’t need an engine refit.

EGR delete kits for diesel trucks

In the world of performance upgrades, an EGR delete kit is one of the most well-known upgrade. While it is true that most truck drivers and owners know that an EGR delete kit enhances performance, not everybody is aware of what it actually involved, how it works and why it is beneficial.

CVIP – Commercial vehicle inspection program

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program in Alberta mandates that specific commercial vehicles that operate on the province’s roads pass an inspection test. This test ensures that these vehicles are safe to drive and safe to be on the road. It protects the other drivers on the roads, the personnel who are driving the vehicles and the province’s infrastructure.

C500 – Kenworth Side hood Louvers

C500 Kenworth Side Hood Louvers In an earlier article we talked about the Kenworth C500 truck itself and its magnificence. Let’s take some time now to talk about a common C500 modification misconception that adversely impacts the longevity of the truck – removing the side hood louvers.

C500 - Kenworth

C500 Kenworth Let’s put this simply - the Kenworth C500 is a beast of a truck. Specifically produced for severe, extreme working conditions. It goes where no truck has gone before. The brickstyle aerodynamics layout of this truck tells you the full story from the time you lay your eyes on it. It may undoubtedly be the largest, meanest and strongest truck made Kenworth – and it has been made for very specific reasons.

Truck Transmissions

For vehicles in particular, transmissions serve the purpose of transferring the engine torque to the wheels in an optimal fashion. The really high rotating frequency of the engine is not optimal and can damage the engine itself when the vehicle is slowing down, starting up or moving at a slow speed. To overcome this challenge, a system of gears and gear trains are used to transfer the torque to the wheels of the vehicle.

Tips to help your truck run into old age

For most people their truck is one of the most prized possession and they take care of it like they take care of their loved ones. Surely, your truck has bailed you out of many a sticky situations, and that’s precisely why you must take care of your truck before it breaks down. Studies have show that you save 2 times the amount in repairs when you conduct routine maintenance activities on your truck and it adds up to 5 years to your truck’s life.