C500 – Kenworth

C500 Kenworth Let’s put this simply – the Kenworth C500 is a beast of a truck. Specifically produced for severe, extreme working conditions. It goes where no truck has gone before. The brickstyle aerodynamics layout of this truck tells you the full story from the time you lay your eyes on it. It may undoubtedly be the largest, meanest and strongest truck made Kenworth – and it has been made for very specific reasons. It is designed as a heavy-weight truck for severe service applications. It has been used in the military in extreme conditions, in large constructions projects, etc. The Kenworth C500 has been constructed from with immaculate quality and can be equipped with multiple customizations to work in every heavy-duty scenario. It can be equipped with heavy duty axles to carry, transport and haul massive payloads like reinforced cement structures. And it can do this without straining itself. It also comes in different engine configurations developing upto 600hp, different transmission choices – automatic and manual with front or rear PTO. The 3 choices of engines are Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit Diesel Series 60. The Cummins engine in our opinion is the best configuration on this truck. It has the highest power to weight ratio, a cooled EGR, Turbocharger and particulate filter. The Cummins C16 can put out 600 hp at 1600 rpm while the C10, on the higher end, can put out 385 hp at 1800 rpm. As far axles are concerned, the Kenworth C500 can be equipped with: Tandem steer axles – upto 40,000 pounds Front axles – upto 30,000 pounds Rear axles -upto 150,000 pounds Single axles, tridems and tandems – upto 150,000 pounds

As you can observe in the picture, this truck as quite a high ground clearance and you need to workout a bit to get into the cabin. Once in the cabin you will be delighted and at ease with the functionality and the interiors you will find behind the wheel. Just like the outside design, where there are no streamlined curves, the inside continues to flow like one robust and rugged truck. The controls and the switches, the lining of the seats, the gearbox material, the dashboard, everything is built to last the most severe of conditions possible. The truck cabin also takes care of storage with plenty space to keep your valuables. The windshield has 2 compartments over it, a glove box by the passenger side and the central console has bottle holders. Having said that, the ruggedness is not a compromise to ride quality or ergonomics. The hand grabs – while stepping up and into the cabin, the steps – to help lift yourself over into the cabin, the mirrors, the switches – everything again, is well placed from an ergonomic point of view. The steering wheel can be tilted, moved telescopically and has a huge enough size to maintain the big truck feel. The wheel has been designed well to help maintain good control in off-road applications with a generous 35 degree turn angle and light feel. Sitting in the cabin you are surrounded with huge glass windows to keep you up to date with all that is going around you. The huge mirrors on the sides also make sure that you are in the know-how of what is going on behind you. This air suspended cabin can get quite bumpy though in off road applications. Although, the ride quality is drastically improved when hauling a heavy payload and will put most customers to ease.

The Kenworth C500 cabin is built with aluminum, steel and fiber glass. The massive wheels give the truck the clearance it needs. The cab joints are made using huckbolts. The mirrors are mounted on the cowls instead of the doors for longevity. And being the top of the class truck for all heavy duty applications, Kenworth gives a list of factory installed options, specific to the job site. A few examples are, heavy-duty fuel tank straps, sheet-metal hood and fenders etc. The central instrument cluster features two main round gauges and a central information display which keeps you informed about different vehicle stats. All gauges and controls can be specified to monitor or operate virtually any component on the truck and the company also offers up to four spare switches available for any extra equipment. The truck can be fitted with roof-mounted strobe lights or rotating beacons for on-site visibility. The conclusion – The Kenworth C500 is a heavy-duty, severe application tank that has been manufactured specifically for extreme conditions. The amount of customization Kenworth offers will make sure that the C500 is an excellent fit in your fleet. We pride ourselves in helping to service and repair Kenworth fleets at Brandell Diesel Inc and making our customers happy. Our advanced repair shop is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to take care of your Kenworth trucks. Call us at 403 271 0101 today to learn more about how we can help you keep your fleet healthy.