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Brandell Diesel started from humble beginnings as a small 3-man shop in 2013. BDI has experienced rapid growth with a reputation as being one of Calgary’s Premier Diesel specialists.

We expanded our services along the way with divisions in Hydraulic equipment and specialized tuning. What is the secret to our success? We stand firmly behind our motto, “Common sense service.” Our team of 16 always strives for perfect execution and we pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality products.

At BDI, we think a little different then most. We believe the most important thing in our business is our team. Without it,  you will not have the best customers. So we believe the only way to have the best customers is to deliver, and our team always delivers the best.

We not only fix it when it breaks, we find solutions to prevent costly downtime. BDI understands the demanding industries and will keep your equipment working for you.

Brandon Mandel


Founder Brandon has grew up in the farming community of Warner and Taber Alberta. Coming from farming roots with a strong background in diesel mechanics, Red Seal in both Agriculture and Heavy Duty – Truck. Started his career as a tech at Taber Diesel and later moved on to John Deere for many years. Later changed over into the heavy truck world and has managed truck repair shop service departments for the last 8 years. After moving to the city of Calgary, Brandon noticed the heavy-duty repair sector was falling short to say the least. He saw a desperate need for good old fashion common sense service that you can only get from a grass roots upbringing.  Brandon opened BDI 3 years ago and with those same farm-boy values and is changing the way service is done in Calgary.

Stefan Bohl

General Manager

Stefan is originally from Saskatchewan but we’re grateful he’s been a Calgary resident for over a decade.

He started with us this year in a service writer position and has already expanded his role into ops manager and has provided a lot of support in other departments showing versatility in his skills.  We consider him a strong pillar of the company.  His good sense of humour did not stand in the way of getting appointed the safety officer and sometimes the enforcer.  Due to his long stint as a dispatcher, manager and inventory specialist, his multitasking ability is a great asset and if there’ s work to be done, he’s the guy!

Marisol Mandel


Marisol (Mo) is our CFO and co-founder; you could say the beauty behind the beast.  She has solid business ethics, which are never compromised. Marisol takes pride in everything she does and always has a gorgeous smile on her face. Marisol has a degree in tourism and business and is trilingual speaking. She is extremely organized and is the glue that holds us all together.

Kristen Lannon


Kristen has 7 years of experience in the automotive and heavy-duty industry. She brings a lot experience and knowledge to our team.  She plays softball and loves gardening.

Conner Mandel

Parts Specialist

Conner is our outside parts specialist who also comes from a grassroots background. Conner grew up helping out on the farm and at Taber Diesel so his technical background gives him a strong advantage in the parts world. His farming background helps him to be resourceful when needed most and will always find the right part to get the job done. Conner is currently gaining is Red Seal Parts Technician Certificate.


David Hooper

Parts Specialist

David is a first year HET Tech who recently changed trades and has taken on the role of in-shop parts technician. He has really helped bring our parts department to the next level and his speed and sense of urgency helps get the jobs done faster. David is really organized and takes a lot of pride in keeping inventory organized and counted correctly. The ability to get along with all the techs is a huge asset with a parts-men and David definitely has everyone in his corner. 

Chase Bossaer


Chase is a born and raised Calgarian but he works so hard you would mistake him for a farm boy. Chase is our 3rd year HET tech.  He is eager to learn and fast to pick up on new things. He is always dependable and good for a laugh. We can count on 3 fingers the days he’s been off in the last 2 years. Chase is our lead driveline and suspension man and is now gaining more experience on engines.

Andrew Butchart


Andrew is an Ontario native who is a Red Seal Electrician that decided to change industries and follow his passion in mechanics. Andrew is a 2nd year HET tech and Class 3 licensed and is currently working on his red seal program. Andrew is one of our leading automotive diesel specialists and has taken on several of our more challenging projects; achieving the outcome expected. He has a natural ability in this trade and he is a real strong force in the shop. Andrew is one of our most versatile technicians and he is always up for a challenge.

Casey Skauge

Lead Hand

Casey is our shop leadhand who comes to us with 12 years of dealership training. He is a diagnostic and electrical master and there really isn’t much that can stump him. Casey is a Heavy Duty Red Seal journeyman with CVIP & class 1. He is also CAT, CUMMINS, DETROIT & FREIGHTLINER certified. Casey loves camping, hunting, 4x4ing and good old fashion horsepower.

Jesse Lindblad


Jesse is a 4th year Heavy Duty Apprentice with 3 years of dealership training. Jesse is really versatile. He has completed CUMMINS, PACCAR and PETERBILT training. Jesse enjoys camping, 4x4ing, wrenching on his cars and having a good time whatever he does. He is also versed in the Holley Double pumper carburetor.

Ethan Hetke

Ethan is a 1st year Heavy Duty Apprentice who is our Facility Technician. His skill set helps keep the shop organized and all the equipment maintained. Ethan loves snowboarding and other outdoor activities.

Max Idt


Max is a 1st year Heavy Duty Apprentice with a class 1 license. Max is a hard worker with a strong mechanical aptitude. He is eager to lend a hand wherever he can and takes pride in what he does. Max loves tinkering on his collection of old cars, trucks & vans.

Sam Mcculough


Sam has been a heavy duty mechanic for 16 years. He is qualified to be a mechanic in two different countries. He will proudly tell you… He will actually yell at you that he is from Northern Ireland. He is married and has no kids, yet!

We have learned that Sam hates Lucky Charms cereal. It’s made in Southern Ireland.

Brendan Dixon


Brendon has been in heavy duty mechanic for 8 years. He has no kids and is not married. He literally has abundance of spare time. So, in that time he loves to rebuild old broken down motorcycles.

We have learned that Brendon gives great mechanic quotes: “I became a mechanic so I wouldn’t have to do math”

Dan Yule


Dan was very secretive when asked how long he has been a heavy duty mechanic. He simply says “too long” That’s the guy who knows it all and knows it. He is married with one kid, who Dan describes as “awesome”

We have learned that Dan is extremely descriptive.

Darren Hunter

Outside Sales

Darren has 17 years oil and gas sales and2 years of Ford truck sales. In Darren’s spare time he plays a whole lot of good old-fashioned hockey. He likes golf and team roping on his weekends and evenings.

We have learned Darren needs very little sleep.

Oscar Diaz

IT Service Advisor

Oscar is part of the Tecbound Technology. They are in charge of keeping Brandell Diesel’s technology infrastructure up and running 24×7. He is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and System Engineer. Also, Google Specialist with more than 15 years in the IT field. Here his contact information, 403-926-1754.

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